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Rummage Sales 101: Finding the Best Sales and Deals

It's springtime, and in my neck of the woods that means one thing: rummage sale time! I've blogged about rummage sales SO. MANY. TIMES. but it occurred to me that I've never done a post to really break down the basics about shopping at rummage sales. So, here's my Intro to Rummage Sales for the uninitiated!

What's a Rummage Sale?  You may know rummage sales by other names, but basically, it's a sale held as a fundraiser for an organization — like a giant garage sale (or yard sale if you will), but with stuff donated by a bunch of different people. They are typically cash-only, and if you're very lucky there will also be a bake sale, so that you can get not only cheap clothes but also delicious brownies or whatever.
Why Rummage?  As my thrift audit series aptly illustrates, the beauty of rummage sales is twofold: price, and selection. Again, it's basically a giant yard sale, so prices are usually accordingly low. But unlike most yard sales, a rummage sal…

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