Huaraches - a love affair

I have a problem with sandals. Well, really, it's a problem with feet. My feet, to be specific. I don't really like for other people to see them.

But when it's 90 degrees out, sandals seem awfully practical. Up until recently, I had two choices: suck it up and display my feet to the world, which always left me feeling self-conscious; or suffer in Mary Janes, socks and sneakers, or heels.

In March, though, I had an epiphany. It came in the form of one word: huaraches.

I hadn't thought about huaraches since I was about 10 years old, when they were a pretty cool thing to have. Maybe it's because all things late-80s and early-90s seem to be rolling back into fashion, but it occurred to me that huaraches would be a pretty cool thing to have now, just as they were in 1989.

I love how and laid-back huaraches are. They look equally good with a dress as they do with shorts or jeans - not something I can say for a lot of other footwear. Unlike flats or loafers, they never look too preppy or too dressy, and they're super comfortable, to boot.

I am also a fan of huaraches' close relative, the espadrille. In fact, I'm scouting for a good pair now. I'm dreaming about a pair in navy or red, although I may just go the boring-but-safe route and get a pair in black.

Are you wearing huaraches or espadrilles this summer? Here are some that I really love:

Candy-striped espadrille wedges

Classic huaraches - in pink!

Huarache-style sandals with heel and ankle strap

Espadrille-style slip-ons


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