I'm not a big label/brand shopper, when it comes to my own wardrobe.

One of my best-loved garments at the moment is a pair of skinny cropped khakis I got on clearance at Kmart (one of their in-house brands). In cooler weather, I get an amazing amount of wear out of a lightweight zip-up cardigan with a standing collar from Walmart (also a house brand - or are all the clothes at Walmart their own labels?).

That being said, when I do happen upon vintage garments with more impressive pedigrees, I always appreciate the quality and attention to detail. This Bettina Bodin shirtdress in my Etsy shop is a great example.

When I spotted this dress, I had never heard of Bettina Boden, but the dress screamed out at me from the thrift store rack. It was obviously something of some quality. I paid a little more than I like to, but I think it was worth it. 

Do you label-shop? Or are you brand-blind?


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