Daily outfits: June 18-22

June 18

In keeping with Monday's post, I tried to put together an outfit that looked polished while being as comfortable as the pajamas I so did not want to change out of.
The pattern on this skirt makes me look slightly swollen about the hips. Nevertheless, I still love this dress, which to me perfectly represents why clothing swaps are the greatest. I would never pick out a sleeveless leopard print dress at a store - but when it's free? Why the hell not
While they got kind of cut off in this picture, I am deeply in love with these shoes. A friend tipped me off to the fact that nude heels are the most useful thing in the universe, and lo and behold she was right. 

June 19

This outfit was supposed to be more colorful. I was going to wear a little kelly-green cropped jacket over the grey top, but when I located said jacket in the trunk of my car, it was a crumpled mess. All's well that ends well anyway, because it was a billion degrees on Tuesday and there's no way I could have stood to wear a jacket anyhow. 

June 20

I am deeply in love with this 70s dress. The weird muted print, the odd color scheme, the petal sleeves - all of it. However, my posture leaves something to be desired here ...

June 21

Trying to beat the heat, and mostly failing - although  this Brooks Brothers skirt, which I bought on a whim right before I graduated college, has turned out to be one of my wisest adult clothing purchases. This top, I bought thinking it was vintage, but it's not, so now I have to wear it rather than selling it. Quel tragedy.

June 22

By Friday, I had kind of given up, so you get a bonus baby shot to make up for my pathetic outfit. (Sometimes I really abuse the privilege that is casual Friday.) I tried to salvage the look with interesting earrings, but, yeah, it didn't really work.


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