Daily outfits: June 25-29

This was a bit of a weird week, so bear with me. But I think I found a better spot to take photos, as you'll see from the Friday shot.

Monday, June 25: Flustered in orange and grey

What a morning. Baby Girl was recovering from a fever, so I went into work late. Hypothetically, this should have meant that I had tons of time to get ready, but somehow it didn't work out that way. I guarantee that this outfit looked cuter when my sweater wasn't hiked up to my bellybutton. Also, there were shoes. Sigh.

Orange fitted cardigan: The Limited (thrifted)
Grey flared trousers: JC Penney

Tuesday, June 26: Gone thriftin'

Tuesday was my birthday, so I took the day off to check out a new thrift store. Instead of my outfit, here's a peek at some of my finds (virtually all blouses). 

Wednesday, June 27: Chasse, step-ball-change

I have this thing where I need to wear new clothes, like, the moment I get them. So naturally on Wednesday I wore one of my birthday presents from my husband: this ruffled emerald green top. I had to add the cardigan because I have a thing about going sleeveless at the office (mostly because of my tattoo). I liked this outfit in the mirror, but in this photo I feel like I look like a jazz dance instructor. Replace the slacks with leggings, and I'm ready to go. 
Emerald top with ruffles: TJ Maxx (gift)
White boot-cut trousers: The Limited (thrifted)
Black square-heel pumps with ankle strap: Nine West (thrifted)

Thursday, June 28: Girlish stripes

Another day, another birthday present. This dress is so cute and comfy, I could just live in it. I tried to make it office-appropriate with my accessories, but it's still pretty short, isn't it?
I love the back detail, too. 
Hot pink-and-white striped knit dress: TJ Maxx (gift)
Navy cardigan: No-name hand-me-down vintage from my aunt
Navy belt: Thrifted
Navy lace-up vintage flats: Church sale

Friday, June 29: Preppy in pink

Another day, another gift: this time, a sweet pink gingham blouse. I really feel like "me" in this outfit. I love a blouse and tailored shorts for casual Friday - I feel polished enough to meet with customers, but it still seems like a nice indulgence to wear a different type of outfit to work. 
Pink and white gingham blouse: Ralph Lauren (gift)
Brown belt with antiqued brass buckle: Thrifted
Chocolate brown tailored cargo shorts: Motherhood Maternity (don't tell!) (thrifted)
Vintage tan huaraches: Soft Spots (thrifted)
Pearl earrings: gift


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