Lifestyle limitations

My wardrobe is looking pretty small these days. In fact, I keep coming across garments that I had in my 'active' wardrobe and adding them to one of the giant plastic bags I have hidden in my clothes room, because I realize I can't actually wear them.

This all started when I got pregnant, naturally enough. As my belly (and other parts, ahem) outgrew my clothes, I started squirreling them away in the desperate hope that I would one day be able to fit into them again. After the baby was born, I spent several weeks living in nursing tops and yoga pants before I had the strength to tackle my mountain of abandoned clothes.

I have been gratified to see that I can, in fact, fit into much of my pre-baby wardrobe, especially now that I'm nearing the 6-month mark. And being reunited with my high heels, which were just too much to bear during the third trimester, was great.

But I've been disappointed to realize how little of my wardrobe is nursing-friendly. Many a dress has been relegated to the big plastic bag because of this problem. It's a little bit depressing to realize that these clothes, which I missed wearing so much during my pregnancy, are still not viable.

What lifestyle factors limit your wardrobe? What do you wish you could wear more often that just isn't practical for you?


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