What's your neutral?

After my post about colors, I got to thinking about neutrals. Lest you think my closet is a clown-like rainbow of wild colors, I can assure you that I love me some neutrals, too. But I've noticed my neutral shade of choice has evolved over the years.

In high school, I was all about navy. My go-to hoodie was navy, and my favorite sneakers - classic Adidas - were navy and white.

high school

In college, it was basic black. Not really in a "I wear black on the outside because my soul is black on the inside" kind of way; just a "hey, this goes with everything" kind of way. I got my first little black dress in college, and discovered just how useful a black cardigan could be.


After I graduated and started working full-time, I had to actually start buying clothes that were appropriate for work in an office setting. From my trusty camel zip-up cardigan to my revolving door of khakis, I wound up with a wardrobe heavy on the brown. I also bought my first real pair of high heels (I don't count the ones I wore to prom).

young professional

Now that I am a boring old fart sophisticated career woman, I find myself gravitating more toward grey. It seems so soft and elegant, and appropriate in any season. I really, really love my Franco Sarto boots in the most wonderfully indistinct shade of gray/brown/putty/neutral. I can wear them with positively anything.

workin mom

What's your favorite neutral?


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