A week of dresses, Part 3: Blue and green

This is the third of five installments in my "Week of Dresses" daily outfit series.

Wednesday, July 18

This dress is a great example of how much details matter. Remove the belt, take away the contrast-color trim, the shoulder details and the above-the-knee hemline, and it could be just another ordinary uniform-type dress.

But I feel like it becomes something special with these little added touches.

I have been hanging on to these navy flats for several years despite the fact that they're too big for me. I keep saying I'm going to upgrade to a pair that actually fit. When I do, I'll list these in my Etsy store - they're too great to keep to myself!

Royal blue shirt dress with kelly green trim: Vintage, in my shop
Navy blue belt: Thrifted
Navy blue lace-up flats: Church sale
Copper and mother-of-pearl earrings: Gift from my husband


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