A week of dresses, part 4: Pink birds

This is the fourth of five installments in my "Week of Dresses" daily outfit series. 

Thursday, July 19

When I bought this dress, I thought it was just a housedress - something you would slip on to do chores. But the print caught my eye, and I'm a big sucker for a knee-length A-line skirt, so I bought it anyway.

Upon closer inspection, though, I started to think it might have been intended to wear out in public. Besides, I've never been one to let other people's ideas about clothes dictate what I do with them.

I am secretly hoping no one buys this dress so that I can keep it for myself ... I love it!

Pink bird-of-paradise day dress: Vintage, in my shop
Straw belt with gold clasp: Thrifted
Gold beaded necklace: Inherited from my grandmother
Two-tone brown T-strap heels: Bongo


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