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I will admit to being a total noob when it comes to accessories. Accessorizing was a major hole in my fashion game for many years, and is still something I'm working on. To be perfectly honest, I credit the show What Not To Wear (warning: this link contains autoplaying video) with really getting me to think about accessories.  I feel like they always make a point on that show of talking about how the right jacket, necklace, belt, shoes or bag can set an outfit apart and make it special. They also gave me the courage to not be "matchy-matchy" with my accessories - something I still struggle with.

Since I'm being candid here, I will also admit that I LOVE fashion makeover shows like "What Not To Wear." Besides being fun to watch, they really affirm the idea I hold dear - that fashion isn't just a shallow pursuit for vain, rich people, nor are clothes just something to keep us warm and modest. Fashion can transform us, can communicate volumes about who we are, can bring beauty and joy into everyday life, and can help people let go of negative ideas about their physical appearance.

But I digress.

Like I said before, I never used to give accessories much thought. I had a minimal selection of jewelry - mostly stuff I had gotten as gifts - and even fewer pairs of earrings. Somewhere along the line, I acquired a belt or two, and a handful of silk scarves, and that was about it. But I rarely wore any of it, unless it was with specific outfits that I had decided "matched" those accessories.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

What really pushed me to start using more accessories was the Fashion Diet I went on a few years ago. For about 3 months, my entire wardrobe fit into a suitcase (excluding shoes) fit into a suitcase. I realize that, for some people, that would not be a big deal. But for me, it was a Really Big Deal.

I wrote about the Fashion Diet at the time, so all I will say about it here was that having only a few pairs of pants and a handful of tops taught me to use scarves, belts and jewelry to bring some variety into my wardrobe. I know, right? The rest of the world already knew this. But I didn't.

Now I feel like accessorizing is a fun game. Which necklace should I wear with this top? Picking the right one is like finding a missing puzzle piece - everything just lines up and works.

Do you like to accessorize? What are your go-to pieces?


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