I've been thinking about my grandmother Janet's style a lot lately. When I posted my summer must-haves in June, my sister totally called me out, noting that a lot of the stuff I had chosen was totally grandma style. Then some piece of Mexican pottery on Etsy prompted me to put together a treasury of pieces that remind me of her house.

My mother's mother, Janet, was not someone you would necessarily think of as a fashion icon. Her style was very simple - plain, even. When I picture her, I imagine her sitting at my parents' dining room table, wearing a short-sleeved checked blouse, cotton slacks and slip-on shoes. And that was it. She didn't wear much jewelry or makeup - red lipstick, and maybe some powder. She wore black, white, red and navy in abundance, or so it seems in my memory, and they suited her dark hair and fair skin.

Grandma stylee

I certainly did not identify with it growing up - I preferred more bold fashion statements (like 5-inch platform heels, tights with one leg purple and one leg chartreuse, or turquoise hair). But these days, I do find myself emulating her simple, classic style. My latest thrift-store haul featured a bunch of items, including red cotton trousers and navy espadrilles, that I could picture Janet wearing.

Source: etsy.com via e.p. on Pinterest

I'm not ashamed to say I have granny style. In fact, I would take it as a compliment. A lot of the items in my Etsy shop come direct from the closets and dresser drawers of grannies, and I think they're awesome.


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