Not that kind of girl

Other people's blogs are such a great source of fashion inspiration to me, not to mention just being wonderful eye candy. I am so envious of the way Jessica, Steffy, Kaylah and others capture their outfits in such vivid color and clarity. The vintage styles of Solanah, Ally and Ulrika make me look at some of the vintage pieces in my wardrobe in a new way. And since I live in a fairly small town, I love seeing what people in other places are wearing on blogs like Urban Weeds, Style Scout and of course the Sartorialist (which I will admit, I always thought was a guy? I don't know why I thought that ...)

But I kind of have a problem, which is that when I admire or enjoy looking at other people's styles, I start to mimic them - or, worse yet, berate myself for not being as cool as them.
Sometimes that's a good thing. A particularly glamorous and well-dressed co-worker inspired me to wear more belts - something that sounds pretty mundane but had the effect of transforming my wardrobe. I was always interested to see what she was wearing, and enjoyed talking to her about fashion and style. I felt like having her in the office kept me on my best game - I always considered it a win if I got a compliment from her on what I was wearing.

And sometimes it's not so great. Sometimes I ape the style of an outfit I've seen on someone else, online or in real life, just to see if I can. And while I may feel short-term satisfaction in being able to successfully mirror that style, it's a hollow victory if the resulting look doesn't really feel like "me."

I loooove looking at vintage-inspired hairstyles and makeup, and even reading nail tutorials. But I have to be honest with myself that I am never going to do any of these things. It's just not who I am. My idea of "doing my hair" involves one of two things: 1) Taking my dry hair down from the ponytail/bun/twists I put it up in the day before; or 2) putting my wet hair up in a ponytail/bun/twists. That's it. A far as makeup goes, if I'm feeling really frisky, I'll put on some eyeliner to go with my tinted lip gloss. And nails - well, the less said about my nails, the better.

So while it's great to admire the looks I see on other blogs, I have to take care to not get caught up in comparing other people's styles to my own.

Do you find fashion blogs inspiring, or depressing? Or a little bit of both? Where do you get your fashion inspiration?


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