Rules and limitations

In high school, I used to wish that I went to a private school where you have to wear uniforms, because I thought it would be a great challenge to try to still have some individual style while not violating the dress code. 

I was kind of a weird adolescent that I was thinking about this sort of thing, but there you go. 

In college, my favorite parties were the dress-up ones, where costumes or themed outfits were the norm. I remember raiding my guy friends' closets for Transvestite Night, making trips to the local Salvation Army for the prom (I wish I still had that dress! It was a gorgeous white 70s maxi) or making togas out of bedsheets for the Bacchanal. 

Transvestite Night 1999

Today, I use my 9-to-5 office job as a modified form of playing dress-up. My workplace's dress code is incredibly vague - I could wear anything from a sweater and khakis to a suit and heels, and no one would bat an eye. So I have kind of made up my own dress code - and a number of admittedly silly rules to try to keep things interesting for myself. 

My No. 1 rule, which I probably violate more than any other, is "Don't be boring." Since my workplace is not particularly conservative, I figure I can kind of go nuts and wear paisley minidresses and orange spike heels without having to worry about being censured. (Although I did get sent home when I wore the minidress seen below, because the skirt was too short. So there's that.)

So I make up little rules for myself - like not wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row, or wearing a different color every day, or alternating between pants and skirts. This week it's all about little dresses, because a) it's hotter than the dickens and b) I just got a bunch of stuff back from the cleaner's that I'm dying to wear. 

But I struggle to shed other style rules, like not wearing white after Labor Day, or matching your belt to your shoes. For some reason it's just hard for me to violate these fashion dictums, even though I know there is no good reason to follow them. 

Do you follow any style rules? Do you make up your own? 


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