Beauty in everyday life

Reading blogs often makes me feel like other people live these magazine-perfect lives compared to mine. Do you know what I mean? It can feel as if everyone but you lives this dust-, clutter- and wrinkle-free life. In Blogland, the lighting is always perfect, and no one seems to have baby spit-up or french fry grease or dog hair on their clothes. Their Pinterest-worthy houses or apartments are full of cute, beautiful or even awe-inspiring details, with no stacks of bills, empty soda cans, dirty socks or pizza boxes in evidence.

Of course, I know this isn't true. I know these people are human like anyone else, and probably have bad hair days and zits and spill milk on their shirt while eating cereal just like me.

I guess I just feel like my life never even comes close to this idealized world. I couldn't fake you out if I tried. If I put all my effort into it, I could never get you to believe that I live in a world of good lighting and beautiful things. Because, by and large, I don't.

But that's a kind of crabby, glass-half-empty way of looking at things, right? The truth is, there IS beauty all around me, every day. Whether it's the golden light cutting through the fog on a misty morning, or just brightly colored dishes drying in the sink, I can always find something around me that makes me smile.

So I try not to be jealous of bloggers whose lives look like they were styled by Martha Stewart, and remember that a) we all probably have a few dust bunnies under our sofas; and b) just because there's clutter doesn't mean there can't be beauty too. (And c) I should probably vacuum and dust more.)


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