Daily outfits: Aug. 14-17

I don't have a photo from Monday (I was planning to take one at lunchtime, but ended up working through my lunch break, sigh), which is too bad because it featured a cute new top I need to list in the shop. I may have to re-create that outfit (or a version of it) next week.

Tuesday, Aug. 14

I hardly ever wear this top, because I feel like the pink & orange combo is a bit tough. But I'm trying to work my way through all my summery clothes while I have the chance.

This entire outfit is from my local Salvation Army. I love that place. It's all I can do to not go shopping there every week. But I'm trying to cut back on my spending a little bit, and also to "shop my closet," which this outfit is a good example of.

Wednesday, Aug. 15

One in a series of outfits that I feel like make me look like a frumpy nurse. The caption for this photo could be "Johnny's Gone to War." But don't worry, Johnny; I'll ward off any potential suitors with the power of unflattering clothing! Sigh.

I actually love this dress; it's a nice knit wrap dress with elbow-length sleeves that I can pretty much wear any time of year. But a) you really have to wear heels with it to make it work and b) It's not as flattering as it was in my pre-pregnancy days. Somehow I thought adding this zip-up cardigan would help? Well, it didn't, but on the bright side, I did stay warm in my icebox of an office all day.

Thursday, Aug. 16

Nurse Emily is very serious in this picture because she didn't latch the door behind her and it blew open shortly before the picture was taken. Fear not, though, because all dogs and babies were properly secured at the time. However, I do think approximately 1,000 flies managed to get inside the house during the 5 seconds that the door was open.

This is yet another outfit that I liked in the mirror but hate in this photo. My posture isn't helping anything here. I love, love, love this vintage polka-dot knit top, but I think I should have belted the cardigan, not the top, so that I had more of a waist. And again, higher heels would have helped with a skirt of this length and cut, no?

Friday, Aug. 17

Have I mentioned that I love casual Friday?

Well, I do.

I busted this sleeveless knit top out of the depths of my closet - one of the few garments I have that's still wearable from the cross-country trip my (now-)husband and I took right after I graduated from college. We tried to visit thrift stores in every town where we stopped. This one is from Klamath Falls, Ore. The capris are from my local thrift store; shoes from eBay; and my beloved gray jacket is, of course, from JC Penney. Oh, the no-name sunglasses are also from my local thrift shop.

I only worked a half-day on Friday and spent the rest of the afternoon running errands - otherwise I would have worn my favorite red loafers. But they were just not practical for what I was doing.


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