Daily outfits: Aug. 20-24

Some hits and some misses this week. But, what else is new?

Monday, Aug. 20

It's too bad I look like a crazy person in this photo, and my collar is all messed up, because I was actually really happy with this outfit. I happened to see this sweater and skirt sitting next to each other, and loved the colors together.

Tuesday, Aug. 21

Let's be honest, I wasn't really trying here. Although I do like how the necklace shape echoes the buckles on the shoes.

Wednesday, Aug. 22

Is this outfit work-appropriate? Probably not, but I looked good anyway.

Thursday, Aug. 23

My crowning achievement of the week!

This indigo skirt is one of the first vintage pieces I ever bought, and it's one of the only things still in my wardrobe that I had in high school. I think it's from the 1940s or thereabouts, but it is handmade, so it's ab it difficult to tell for sure. Unfortunately it's in awful shape and you can see the faded spots on the hem in this picture. I bought it at this amazing, crazy little shop called The Tweak Shop that was open the most random hours. I would always make a pilgrimage to it whenever I was downtown (it was kind of off the beaten path) and it was so hit-or-miss, I would get really excited when I actually got to go in and shop. I also bought an amazing pair of platforms there, but sadly I got rid of those somewhere along the way, probably in college when I got sick of hauling all my clothes around and jettisoned a ton of stuff I wish I had kept.

Anyway, I love the way this outfit looked, but I was terribly uncomfortable all day, mostly because of the damned high waist. I just can't do it. But such are the sacrifices we make for fashion, eh?

Friday, Aug. 24

I am trying to act like I feel cute in this outfit, but I know it is unflattering and I just should NOT wear loafers with a straight skirt, ever. It does not work.

I've started rolling out some fall items in the shop after a small hiatus. Please check them out!


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