A week of invisible outfits

Real life has really been kicking my butt lately. A combination of work problems and a sick baby (just a cold, nothing serious) have made the concept of "free time" something of a fantasy.

This is a long-winded way of saying I didn't take any daily outfit photos this week. But I have been thinking about coats.

I posted on Facebook last week that I'm really not all that into fall - which is true. To be honest, the onset of fall weather just fills me with trepidation. Shorter days, cooler nights, turning leaves and the first frost just kind of scare me and make me feel like everything is dying/decaying. But I digress.

I read a lot of people getting excited for "sweater weather," and I can't really relate. For one thing, my over-air-conditioned office makes year-round sweaters practically a necessity. For another, I have a real love/hate relationship with sweaters. I adore wool and cashmere sweaters, but am too lazy to keep them properly cleaned. And when I do wear them, I tend to overheat and sweat and feel uncomfortable.

But what I can get excited about for fall are coats. You see, I have something of a coat problem. I have kind of a lot of coats, and I find them really hard to get rid of. Up until a few years ago, I was still wearing an old vintage pea coat that my sister had bought in London in 1990. And I'm still clinging to a J. Crew pea coat that I got several years ago whose lining and pockets are completely shredded.

The coat I'm looking forward to wearing this fall is a turquoise and black plaid capelet. I don't have a picture of it, but the proportions are similar to this little number, only with a wide collar:

So amid the stress of the past week(s) and my not-so-positive feelings about fall, I've been clinging to this as one thing I have to look forward to about the coming season. What do you look forward to about fall?

p.s. Some great new fall items are up in the shop - check them out:


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