Weekend Wants: Better red than dead

Here's my roundup of fantasy shopping for the week:

Thanks to a tip-off from The Dainty Squid, I am now obsessed with these skirts:

/Custom skirts by Ananya on etsy

I will take one in every color, please!

Red faux leather booties by little den vintage on etsy
These vintage foldover booties are amazing -- and, coming from someone who is very "meh" about booties in general, that's saying something. If they were in my size, I so would have bought them already.

Source: rstyle.me via Joanna on Pinterest

A Cup of Jo tagged these as "perfect red flats" and I can't argue with that. I haven't even clicked through to see how much they cost because I'm afraid I will just get depressed.

Source: modcloth.com via e.p. on Pinterest

I came across this gorgeous purse while looking for a replacement diaper bag. Just lovely, even if it doesn't suit my needs.


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