Weekend Wants: Scarf print

I'm sure this is horribly not on-trend of me (as if I care), but I have suddenly become enamored of scarf print. Here's a little roundup of my virtual scarf-print shopping for the week:
Pastel scarf print dress by George for ASDA
This feminine sundress was featured in an Easy Living spread highlighting "Mad Men"-inspired fashion. If you say so ...

Navy and white scarf print dress by Nautica
The epitome of easy, casual dressing - classic palette, no accessories needed. Somehow I doubt I would look this much of a knockout if I wore it ... but I can still admire the idea.

Sea NY mitered stripe dress
Regardless of how sullen the model looks, this dress makes me want to smile. Yes, I do love a good, mad print ...

Lovestuck dress, modeled by Chocolate
I love everything about this look. It's not everyone that can pull off a boater. Hats off to you, Ron (warning, I just feel down the rabbit hole of her blog for like half an hour, it's gorgeous).

Silk dress by Dolce Vita
A refined and subtle take on scarf print courtesy of Piperlime. I love that they paired it with black tights and boots; it makes the blue of the dress look so much more vibrant.


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