Impulse buys

I had a rare early afternoon off work, so I went, naturally, to my local thrift store. I hadn't been there in over a month, which seems crazy - I used to go at least once a week, sometimes more, to take full advantage of the daily sales. So I may have gone a little bit nuts today and made some impulse buys.

Do you have that list, in the back of your head, of stuff you're always on the lookout for? I do. Right now the list includes gray pointy-toe flats, brightly colored pumps, "weekend" sweaters (i.e. comfy and machine-washable but still cute so I don't feel like a slob) and, well, I'm always on the lookout for a good coat, as I mentioned the other day. (There's probably more, but those are the highlights.)

But then there are other lists I have in my head ... it's hard to explain. Sometimes I just get hung up on an idea of a garment, and it just floats around in my mind for a while. Not like I desperately want it - just like I am turning over the idea of it and imagining what I would pair it with, or thinking about the associations it evokes. 

Today my lists got a little crossed up. So I wound up buying a jacket I didn't really need, a sweater I definitely don't need and a pair of shoes I may never wear, but that I kind of love. 

The jacket is the most practical of the lot: it's a sleek grey zip-up coat of some space-age/high-tech fabric that I'm sure resists wind, rain and stains. It's the kind of thing my sister would wear - her wardrobe is always really stylish and practical at the same time. It's like she never gives up and just gets something that's OK - she always gets the thing that's just right. 

I usually do not do this. My wardrobe is filled with compromises and things I am desperately trying to make work. My current everyday winter coat is an example of that. I decided two winters ago that I really needed a coat that was a) really warm and b) machine-washable (if you live in a cold climate and drive a car, this is essential - or am I the only one who leans up against her car all the time and gets road sludge on her coat?). But I was too cheap and impatient to do it properly, so I would up with a slightly too big puffy coat that's supposed to have zip-off sleeves, but the zippers are broken and mended with duct tape. It's pretty crappy, but it fulfilled my two requirements, and it's plain and black so I told myself it wasn't so bad. And I've been wearing it ever since. The question is, now that I have a better one, will I get rid of the old, crappy one? Or will I keep it around for forever because I have convinced myself that it makes sense to have a shitty coat that I don't care about? (Answer: the latter.)

The sweater, well, let's just say I thought for some reason that I needed a short-sleeved, boxy, oatmeal pullover. But wound up buying a cardigan. I looked at it when I was taking stuff out of the car and thought, "Um, yeah, I really do not need this sweater. At all." I think it will probably wind up going to consignment, and we'll see if I can turn a $1 profit on the deal. (Answer: unlikely.)

The shoes? Gold wedge heels. That's all I have to say about that. 

I did manage to pick up a couple of things for the shop - some fantastic (albeit tiny) T-strap Ferragamos and one of those cool 70s part-leather sweaters (you know what I mean, right?). I have the day off Friday and I'm hoping to do a big shop update - provided the baby obliges with a nap or two. Stay tuned!


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