Red cords, three ways

Weekend Wants will be coming tomorrow; in the meantime, I had something different I wanted to share.

I picked up a pair of boot-cut red fine-wale corduroys the other day. They're really soft and comfy, and the fit is great, but I found myself struggling for ideas for how to wear them. So I made a couple sets on Polyvore to explore my options.

Preppy casual

This is a facsimile of the first outfit I wore my red cords with. I'm not sure I pulled off the whole mixing-neutrals thing here (i.e. brown belt with gray shoes and sweater) but I kind of like the effect.

Red pants 3 ways - feminine

OK, so the bows, dots and lace may put this a little over-the-top in the feminine category, but I kind of love pink, white and red together, so I wanted to play with that. I can see myself finding a way to pair my 20-cent pink pashmina with these pants.

Red pants 3 ways - edgy

Leopard and red is one of my favorite combos, and adding gold just seems like a natural fit. This outfit is veering close to trend overload, what with the peplum and the collar necklace, but I like it anyway.

Which one is your favorite? How would you style red flared cords?


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