Weekend Wants: Call me Imelda

I really like shoes. In fact, you could say I have a shoe problem. My only saving grace is that my husband has a ton of shoes, too, so he can't be mad at me. But in fact, many of my shoes (like 5 pairs of sneakers) are actually hand-me-downs from him - shoes he bought that turned out to be too small for him. But I digress. Here are some of my favorite shoes from around the Web this week:

Source: etsy.com via e.p. on Pinterest

I have been pining for a pair of yellow shoes for, oh, forever. I love the idea of an ankle-tie flat - it's such a cute detail to add to a simple shoe.

Source: etsy.com via e.p. on Pinterest

I've been searching for the right pointy-toe grey to replace a dying pair of Old Navy flats that I have. I love the detail on the toe, and low heel on these - it's the perfect subtle bit of vintage flair.

Do I have anything I could wear with these shoes? Not really. Do I want them anyway? Yes.

Source: fabgabs.com via e.p. on Pinterest

If you said to me "Red lace pumps," I would be like, "Um, no thanks." But these are AMAZING. I love the delicate shade of them - not quite red, not quite pink, not quite melon. Gorgeous.

Source: cgi.ebay.com via e.p. on Pinterest

I have been stalking these loafers on eBay for weeks now, waiting for them to have a pair in my size in grey (or purple!). Let's be honest, these are probably not the finest workmanship in the world. But they are really cute. And the idea of fleece-lined loafers is just really appealing to me right now.

You can see more of my shoe obsession, plus other stuff, on Pinterest.


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