Weekend Wants: Coats

So I confessed to my shoe problem a little while ago ... now I will own up to also having a coat problem. (I also have a sweater problem and until recently I kind of had a lamp problem. What can I say, I like to shop.)  As far as I am concerned, I can never have too many coats, I am never satisfied with the ones I have and I am always on the lookout for great finds. Here are some of my fantasy picks from around the interwebs this week:

I love the details on this mid-length coat, like the flared cuffs, the curved patch pockets and the deep hem. It's gracefully feminine but would still look awesome with jeans and sneakers. I feel like all the coats right now are either cropped or trench-length, so this looked really fresh to me.

OK, so I already have a plaid wool coat that is cut almost exactly like this. But is mine buttery yellow? No, it's not. I just love the hues of this coat - it seems so cheery and bright for winter's dark days.

Speaking of bright, how freakin' amazing are these vintage Hudson Bay coats? I repinned this from Solanah, who always finds the most amazing images online.

Much as I love color (and I really do love color, a lot), I can also appreciate a good sophisticated neutral. I love the tawny hue of this coat, combined with the brass buttons. Never mind that it looks like such a slim fit that I probably wouldn't be able to wear anything heavier than a T-shirt under it.

To see more coats I covet, plus other drool-worthy stuff, check out my "want" pinboard. I also have some great coats and jackets in my Etsy shop right now, including this beauty:


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