Weekend Wants: Lace

I bought a pair of black lacy tights last week and realized I basically have no lace in my wardrobe whatsoever. I think for a while I felt like it was too cutesy or girly for me. But I've been seeing a lot of ways to use lace that look fresh and sophisticated lately. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Source: purlbee.com via e.p. on Pinterest

I really enjoy knitting lace, but a lot of the lace motifs out there are a little more fussy or flowery for my taste. I love this simple, geometric pattern and like to fantasize that I might knit it some day, maybe with that gray baby alpaca I have squirrelled away. It could happen, right?

Source: lockerz.com via e.p. on Pinterest

This combo of lace and ombre veers dangerously close to trend overload. But with a plain black sweater and tights, I think it makes a great statement piece. I love the bluish hue of the gray lace next to the antique/ivory color.

Knee details on tights can look juvenile, but this is so chic and beautiful, I absolutely love it.

Source: storenvy.com via e.p. on Pinterest

I see a lot of wing-tips and oxfords around these days, but I personally find them hard to wear without feeling like a little boy. The insets and open lacing on these adds just the right feminine touch that I think would look great with a pleated skirt or a loose dress/tunic over leggings.

Source: spool72.com via e.p. on Pinterest

Love the subtlety of these sleeve details - to me, it looks like the type of "refashion" that Zo might do. If I were crafty, I would attempt something like this. Instead, I'll just admire the concept.


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