Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pinterest rookie

OK, so I am trying to figure out Pinterest. It's embarrassing to admit, but I just don't quite get it yet. The way people rave about it while simultaneously warning of its addictiveness reminds me of this episode of Star Trek.

Are you on Pinterest? How did you get started? How did you find people to follow?

If you want to find me, I'm "e.p." I'll add a link to the sidebar later when I get my feet under me with this whole thing.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How do you wear vintage?

Any time you read an article from a mainstream magazine or fashion website about vintage clothing, you can be sure it will contain a tip about mixing vintage pieces in with contemporary clothes. Here are a few examples:

  • Glamour lists "Don't wear vintage head to toe" as its No. 1 tip.
  • Fashion guru Tim Gunn gives the same advice to a young fashionista.  
  • Who What Wear's video on the subject reminds viewers that they have to "update the look a little bit" with modern accessories. 

Thing is, I don't know that I agree. All you have to do is take a look at a vintage-fashion blogger like Solanah of Vixen Vintage to see that head-to-toe vintage can look pretty darned awesome. (Be sure to check out her inspiring post on being true to one's own fashion sense).

While it's true that I do usually mix my vintage clothes in with contemporary pieces, I've realized I often still do it in a way that evokes a vintage feel. I got married in a vintage dress with modern shoes - but the shoes were round-toe spectator pumps, so it's not like they gave my outfit a "contemporary look."

Would you ever go head-to-toe vintage? Or do you use vintage pieces as accents, to add that special touch to an outfit?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm not a big label/brand shopper, when it comes to my own wardrobe.

One of my best-loved garments at the moment is a pair of skinny cropped khakis I got on clearance at Kmart (one of their in-house brands). In cooler weather, I get an amazing amount of wear out of a lightweight zip-up cardigan with a standing collar from Walmart (also a house brand - or are all the clothes at Walmart their own labels?).

That being said, when I do happen upon vintage garments with more impressive pedigrees, I always appreciate the quality and attention to detail. This Bettina Bodin shirtdress in my Etsy shop is a great example.

When I spotted this dress, I had never heard of Bettina Boden, but the dress screamed out at me from the thrift store rack. It was obviously something of some quality. I paid a little more than I like to, but I think it was worth it. 

Do you label-shop? Or are you brand-blind?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Huaraches - a love affair

I have a problem with sandals. Well, really, it's a problem with feet. My feet, to be specific. I don't really like for other people to see them.

But when it's 90 degrees out, sandals seem awfully practical. Up until recently, I had two choices: suck it up and display my feet to the world, which always left me feeling self-conscious; or suffer in Mary Janes, socks and sneakers, or heels.

In March, though, I had an epiphany. It came in the form of one word: huaraches.

I hadn't thought about huaraches since I was about 10 years old, when they were a pretty cool thing to have. Maybe it's because all things late-80s and early-90s seem to be rolling back into fashion, but it occurred to me that huaraches would be a pretty cool thing to have now, just as they were in 1989.

I love how and laid-back huaraches are. They look equally good with a dress as they do with shorts or jeans - not something I can say for a lot of other footwear. Unlike flats or loafers, they never look too preppy or too dressy, and they're super comfortable, to boot.

I am also a fan of huaraches' close relative, the espadrille. In fact, I'm scouting for a good pair now. I'm dreaming about a pair in navy or red, although I may just go the boring-but-safe route and get a pair in black.

Are you wearing huaraches or espadrilles this summer? Here are some that I really love:

Candy-striped espadrille wedges

Classic huaraches - in pink!

Huarache-style sandals with heel and ankle strap

Espadrille-style slip-ons