Fashion Challenge, Take 3

This week's fashion challenge was to style a pair of sensible shoes in a way that felt stylish and work-appropriate. Here's my final attempt: 

I recently dug this Ralph Lauren (thrifted, natch) polo dress out of the closet, where it had been banished with a bunch of other non-nursing-friendly clothes. It was like Christmas. But I digress. I love a good short A-line dress, and this one is no exception, although my choice of cardigan (a hand-me-down from my late aunt) may not have been the best choice.

And, just so you can see what else was going on when I was trying to take this picture:

And no, I'm not sure why my daughter is saluting. It kind of looks like we're watching a parade.

Hoping everyone has a great, safe and happy Labor Day weekend. What are your plans? I'm hoping to take my daughter to a balloon festival here in town, and maybe sneak in some time to work on some fall listings for my shop. Oh, and I should probably prep for the fall semester of my journalism class, which starts -- eep! -- on Wednesday. It's a full life!


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