Featured items: Unisexy

Menswear on women can be amazingly sexy, chic and effortlessly cool.

J Crew women's tuxedo shirt
I recently got some great unisex items in at the shop, so I thought I would showcase them with some Polyvore sets to show how they can be styled.

Unisexy 1

This set features a 1970s vintage turtleneck top. When I was modeling these tops, I kept flashing back to photos of my mom from the 70s. The only thing missing would be a kerchief for her hair!

Unisexy 2

For this red tuxedo shirt, I thought it would be fun to put together an edgier look - not something I would probably wear myself, but who knows? 

Unisexy 3

Set No. 3, featuring this suede & knit jacket, got me all nostalgic for high school. I wonder if I still have my old pair of Docs somewhere ...

You can find these three items and more in my Etsy store here


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