Shop update

My stock has been dwindling a little bit as sales have picked up (yay!) and I haven't been able to keep up with new listings. BUT, the things I have listed lately are some of the best finds I've had in a long time. Here are a few highlights:
Pewter + bronze bias stripe shift
The stripe pattern and details of this simple, elegant shift caught my eye on the rack at my local thrift store, and when I took a closer look, I was amazed to see that it was vintage. To me, it looks completely contemporary and chic, not in the least bit dated. I adore the deep hem and cuffs (which have a zipper closure for a snug fit - what a great detail), and think this would just look so perfect with tights and boots. It's in pretty good condition, with the only flaw I noted being a few small rust spots. Link to the listing is in the caption. 

Maroon oxford pumps
Sometimes I agonize over buying items at the thrift store if the price is a little bit high. I'll walk away, and come back, or just make a mental note to check again when they're on sale. Not these babies. I barely glanced at the price, because the moment I saw them, I knew they were too perfect to pass up. I'm a huge fan of oxford pumps, and to my eye, these have the most perfect vamp, not to mention I'm a sucker for anything maroon/burgundy/oxblood. The leather is the perfect combination of soft and sturdy, and the heels + soles are in great shape. A real treasure. 

Orange / white Creamsicle shift
Another dress that I leaped at, this beauty is such a great example of how simple design + thoughtful details can make a garment shine. The color combo of cream and deep, bright orange complements the geometric lines of the bodice darts, pocket flaps and deep center pleat. Perfection. 

I have lots more goodies to unearth from my last few buying sprees, including an amazing psychedelic print blouse. Stay tuned! 


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