Sneak peek: Mini holiday baby/toddler collection

Confession time: I have been squirrelling away vintage baby and toddler clothes for a long time now, waiting to amass a proper amount and trying to find the right time to launch this addition to my Etsy shop. I did some inventory a few months ago and decided that I am going to debut the full collection in the spring in advance of Easter. But there were a few items that were just TOO perfect for the Christmas holidays, so ... I'm putting them up in my shop this weekend.

Here is a sneak peek of the five cutest, most adorable little things you ever saw, all priced reasonably enough that you can get one for your favorite little cherub without breaking the bank. Leave a comment here or on Facebook to reserve any of these listings, which will go live on Black Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Fritz shorts suit | $12

Cindy T-shirt | $5

Emmeline coat | $12

Mackenzie sweater | $10

Bobby overalls | $8


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