A long day

Today was a whirlwind. I shot these photos in a huge rush, and it shows.

It was drizzly and rainy and misty all morning - it reminded me of home. I miss Oregon a lot.

I looked down at my shoes after I got to work and the sole of the left shoe had completely detached from the right. So that's $1.99 down the drain, ha ha.

I bought this jacket a couple of days ago to sell, but I haven't listed it yet. It totally reminds me of something my grandmother would have worn. In fact, this whole outfit (minus the shoes) kind of evokes her style. The necklace I'm wearing was hers, as well.

I got my hair cut right after this picture was taken - I can't wait to get home and shower, not only so I can play with it, but also to get all the little tiny bits of hair off the back of my neck! It's like torture. But it's worth it, I love my hairdresser.

Tweed jacket: Vintage, thrifted (will add link when available in my shop)
Polka dot blouse: Vintage, thrifted
Necklace: Heirloom
Pants: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted

Whee, a totally secondhand outfit! I hardly ever pull that off, there's usually a pair of shoes or pants in there that I bought new. Yay me.


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