Better late than never

OK, so you don't have to tell me that we're already 12 days into the new year and most bloggers (and ordinary people) would already have outlined their goals for the year by now! But this isn't something I set out to do; it's more that, over the last couple of weeks, several things have crystallized that prompted me to put this list together.

1. Build more blog traffic

I have started work on this goal in earnest already by signing up with Bloglovin, and I sincerely hope you will consider following me there! As detailed in my post yesterday, it's mysteriously linked through the UK domain of Blogger, but I am hoping that will not present problems to anybody. I am also trying to engage more actively with other bloggers to build relationships. And I have all kinds of plans for this blog that I'm hoping to unveil in the coming weeks while it is still a relatively quiet time at my day job. So, yay to this one!

2. Increase my sales on Etsy

Hoping to see more of this in 2014

I'm hoping this goal will be symbiotic with No. 1, but I realize that there are also people who look at this blog (hi, friends and family!) who probably will never buy anything from my shop, and that's totally cool too. Regardless, I have a lot of mini-goals within this one, including adding men's and children's clothes to my shop, and increasing my total number of listings to at least 100 at any given time. The last one has been really difficult for me; right now I'm struggling to keep it at 60-70. But I've just got to keep plugging and get in a good groove with it.

3. Refine my wardrobe

Me looking sad in 2011 because I only had five pairs of shoes (no heels!)

A couple of years ago, I put myself on a fashion diet while my husband and I were in the (very lengthy) process of moving out of one house and into another. We were nomads for a couple of months, so it seemed like a really good time to experiment with a pared-down wardrobe. The experience was a really positive one that taught me a lot about what I like to wear, and pushed me to accessorize more, something I'm still enjoying playing with. While I have no desire to go back to a wardrobe that can fit into a suitcase (cue shudders here), I know I could stand to trim some fat from my bulging closet (ugh, that's a gross metaphor). Particularly in the sweaters/shirts department (I seriously have like 50 tops, no joke). And with any luck, that will mean cash in my pocket from consignments! So that's motivation right there.

4. Improve my photography

Out of focus, overexposed - sadly this is typical for me

The digital camera I'm using was a Christmas gift from my parents in, I think, 2010, and I am feeling like it has outlived its usefulness. I regret not snapping up a camera I saw on super clearance markdown at W*lmart right before the holidays, but it's so hard to spend money on yourself when you're in Christmas shopping mode, isn't it? (At least it is for me.) So I passed up on it. But I think I am going to have to buy something soon because my success rate with photos is down to, like, 20 percent. Which is unacceptable for me.

5. Reduce the number of WIPs/mending projects

My Ravelry queue just makes me sad. Only three of these 10 projects are actually finished! And there's more.

I love knitting, and it shows - sort of. I have an absolutely insane number of projects on the needles right now, many of which stretch back years into the past. Despite protesting for a long time that it doesn't matter how many works in progress I have, and that I'm a grownup and if I want to cast on another project then by god I will, the truth is, it makes me feel squirrelly to think of all those unfinished things sitting around in drawers or closets. The same goes for mending projects, which I try to keep to a minimum because I know my own limitations. I knocked one of them out just last night (w00t!) and I am going to try to set a schedule for the rest of the ones I have lingering (buttons on my gray cardigan is up next).

What are your goals for 2014?


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