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Sorry for the blog silence yesterday, I was furiously preparing a bunch of new listings for my Etsy store. I went ahead and listed the mint skirt I wore the other day. Parting is such sweet sorrow, but it's better off on someone who can wear it comfortably!

$19 in my Etsy shop
Since I am slumming it again today in a paint-stained pair of jeans, hand-me-down sweater from my husband and mismatched T-shirt (plus about 10 other layers because it's -6 F), I decided to photograph my daughter today for a daily outfit post.

She is getting to that age where she loves mugging for the camera and saying "Cheese," which can be fun but also makes it harder to get those cute candid shots of her just doing little kid stuff.

But if I wait long enough, she'll usually forget that I'm sticking a camera in her face and go back to playing.

I am not going to lie, I have tons of fun picking out outfits for her to wear. And we are incredibly lucky that we have generous family members who love to give her clothes! She gets massive amounts of hand-me-downs from her cousins, and my mom volunteers at a children's clothing consignment store so you can imagine how that goes!

I bought these snow boots for her, not thinking about the fact that they totally do not match any of her other winter stuff. But if you can't wear mismatched, crazy, bright colors when you're a little kid, when can you?

Don't forget to enter my giveaway - you could win a cute Woolrich wrap skirt! Entries are still open for a few more days. Just click through to Sunday's giveaway post to see all the rules and details.


  1. The boots match her pink flower! And even if they didn't, crazy bright colors 4ever :) She's adorable.

    1. Yeah, she has no shortage of pink to wear! That's what comes of having 3 older girl cousins ...


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