In from the cold

Rough night last night with very little sleep. I got up late and, of course, forgot my camera. I tried to psych myself up for taking outfit photos in my yard in the -25 wind chill, but I chickened out, so this is what you get.


I won't lie, I went through about five variations on this outfit before I left the house this morning. I settled on a pretty safe choice of royal blue and white, with mustard flats. Also my hair is kind of a train wreck - see above tale of woe.

Now that I have had the chance to wear it for half a day, I love this skirt all the more, although I did discover a hole in one of the pockets when my phone fell out onto the tile floor - ouch. So, after this wearing, it's going into the mending pile, hopefully to return to my active wardrobe soon.

My husband got me these shoes at the local thrift store a year or so ago, and I have found it strangely hard to incorporate them into my wardrobe. Also there is a pen mark on one of them that I have been too lazy to try to remove. I think I am either going to have to make more of an effort to wear these, or just get rid of them.

I really liked how this outfit looked without the sweater, but that will have to wait until spring. This is the coldest January I can remember since I've lived here, and we're supposed to just get more of the same this week. Whoever said April is the cruelest month clearly did not live in upstate New York.

Royal blue cashmere wrap sweater: Clothing swap 
White top: Vintage, thrifted
Olive skirt: Vintage, thrifted
Mustard flats: Thrifted
Bird necklace: Gift/found object

Total cost for this outfit: probably about $8!


  1. That shade of blue--bright navy, would you say?--is pretty glorious with your complexion. I also think your hair looks great! I wish I could pull off a cut like that.

  2. Thanks! Nothing like strong sunlight to make one look radiant!


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