January thaw

I would swear that there was a slight feeling of spring in the air today (it's supposed to be 44 degrees this afternoon, and the sun is shining). I noticed some buds out on a tree and for a moment it almost felt like March.

I made the executive decision today that is is, in fact, OK to wear brown and gray together.

I took like five closeup shots because I kept having sleepy eyes. But as hard as I tried to look wide-eyed and awake, this was what I kept getting. So be it.

I was going to wear proper heels today, but I spotted these on my way out the door and grabbed them instead. Don't mind my linty tights ...

This dress turned out to be a real project - I bought it weeks ago, chopped about a foot and a half off the skirt, and then realized I needed to take up the shoulders as well. It is still a little loose in the bodice but honestly I like it this way because it's comfy. Also: pockets!

I can't wait for real spring, when the trees in this park will come alive with blossoms and leaves. Only a few more months ...

Blouse: Villager (thrifted)
Dress: Lane (vintage; thrifted/altered)
Tights: who knows, probably from W*lmart
Shoes: Hush Puppies (vintage; for sale in my shop)


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