Quick and dirty

Rough night of sleep (or lack thereof) last night. This outfit is not my finest work, but I am well pleased with this blazer, which I picked up recently at the local Salvation Army.

Almost all the photos I shot today turned out blurry. It's just one of those days.

These shoes are kind of over the top - I got them at a bag sale, and bag sales tend to make me a little bit crazy. They're a half-size too small for me, so I used the trick of putting Ziploc bags of water in them and freezing the shoes. The water expands and stretches out the shoe. It worked just enough to make them wearable.

I love this little gold bird necklace - my husband found it while sorting books. If you don't already know, he blogs here about the things he finds in old books. He's kind of a big deal (just kidding, sort of).

Red cordury blazer: Brooks Brothers, thrifted
Red striped top: Vintage, Crimson and Clover (Etsy)
Black skinny trouser: H&M, thrifted
Gold round-toe heels: Bijou, consignment


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