Restyled, and now on Bloglovin! Sort of ...

So I have not been satisfied with the look of my blog for a long time. I always marvel at the blogs I admire, but I never took the time until recently to actually LOOK at what I admired about them. I finally realized that the blogs whose design I enjoy the most have a clean, bright appearance with minimal fussiness or fidgety details. So that's what I'm working toward with my new (admittedly rudimentary) design.

And it suddenly occurred to me to claim my blog on Bloglovin, too, so I could invite people to follow me there. I know that I end up reading blogs a lot more often than I would otherwise because of the posts that show up in my feed. But my regular domain isn't showing up on Bloglovin at the moment - just its UK counterpart. So for now, that's where I'm inviting you to follow me. You'll still see all the same content, it will just be through the UK-hosted version of Blogger. If you experience any problems with it, please let me know; I am still searching for a fix to get my "real" domain listed on Bloglovin!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Anyway, I welcome your feedback about the new design, esp. if it is looking really wonky in your browser (I use Chrome). I am sure there will still be some future tweaks to come, but for now, I feel like this is an improvement ...


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