Too cold to look cute

I unearthed a beloved dress out of my closet this weekend and was excited to wear it today, but it's so damn cold I would up burying it under a load of layers.

It's just one of those days when you need to wear socks, leggings, a dress, a cardigan AND a scarf. Hat, gloves and coat not pictured.

I was randomly looking at different ways to tie a scarf on Pinterest the other night at like 2 a.m., so I decided to try something a little different today. I was pretty happy with the result, other than I forgot to check which side the tag was on, which I always tend to do. Now it looks like I am trying to advertise the fact that this is, at least allegedly, a GENUINE PASHMINA. As if anyone (including me) cares.

But it is soft and warm! I got it at a church bag sale for 20 cents, hooray.

These boots were a total impulse buy a few months ago - they were marked down at the local Salvation Army and they just called out to me. I think I was inspired by Marlen's tan/gray booties, which she always wears so stylishly with skirts, socks and tights (as seen here). OK, I will just admit it, I have tried more than once to copy her layered look. It takes practice!

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Eggplant cardigan: Abercrombie, thrifted
Baby-pink pashmina: Bag sale
Blue floral print peasant dress: Vintage, thrifted
Gray ankle boots: Thrifted, no tag or label, but they are awesome

Another all-secondhand outfit, yay me. Total cost, approximately $10


  1. GENUINE PASHMINA, OMG! I try to pull off Marlen style too =P

  2. Hahah aww I'm so flattered! And I can't believe you got those boots at the Salvation Army, they're so pretty and in great condition! And I definitely think you pulled off the whole tights & sock look ;)

    1. I know, these boots were a total score! I forgot to take pictures of this part but they have little zippers up the back, too, which just sealed the deal for me.


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