Too much, or just enough?

Another chilly day in the park. My toes are still frozen. I swear that no heat comes out into the footwells of my car, even when I have it blasting.

'Tis the season for blazers - I have to layer up, not just because of the arctic blast or whatever it's called, but because it is ALWAYS cold in my office. My desk is right next to a window and I swear I can feel the wind blowing while I sit at my computer.

I debated about adding the necktie because, really? But the outfit just didn't look right with this vast expanse of blouse above the neckline of my vest. This is one of those occasions when a bib necklace would have come in handy.

Also I am going to work on not looking so pained/crabby in these photos, but that will no doubt get easier when it is above freezing. So, like, April or so, I'm thinking.

This black velvet blazer is currently one of my favorite thrifted pieces. I picked it up at the local Salvation Army on a whim, didn't try it on or even really inspect it too closely; I just thought, "Hm, black velvet blazer in decent condition for less than $5, OK then." But it's really a beauty. It was made in Japan, so it's not a brand I'm familiar with, but I really love the lean cut of it, and details like the braid trim on the lapels and the decorative button. However, I was too lazy/cold to photograph these details so you'll just have to take my word for it and/or wait for the next time I wear it. Which will be soon.

Blazer: Dayne Taylor (vintage; thrifted)
Blouse: Cassidy (vintage; thrifted; for sale in my shop)
Vest: Unknown, thrifted (no tag)
Belt: Levi's (I've had this since college, it's the best)
Trousers: H&M (thrifted)
Shoes: Antonio Melani (thrifted)
**Edited to add! Tie: Vintage; for sale in my shop


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