Vacation week

I am off work this week from my day job - for any of you who don't know, I work as a newspaper editor, which means of course that I have to take a week of unpaid leave every quarter. :(

My 'home office,' aka my laptop

It's really not so bad, because I'm salaried, but it still stinks in principle. Anyway, this week I have a whole laundry list of things to do around the house and out in the world, including (I hope) visiting some out-of-the-way thrift stores to restock my Etsy shop, and re-launching my infant/children collection with an eye toward springtime and Easter! It's exciting and weird to think about pastel colors and delicate little dresses when it's still snowing to beat the band around here, but such is the world of retail, eh?

Taking these monsters for a walk is always an adventure

Today I'm bunkered down at home with my dogs, cleaning up a storm and attempting to clear out my closet (and my daughter's closet) a bit as well. I am hoping to list some more items on Swapdom later this week, so be sure to check me out there - my user name is bonmarchecouture. I can't wait until they launch their phone app, I will totally list twice as many things when I can do it all from my phone.

So my posts this week will probably be a little erratic - fewer daily outfits, more other stuff. If I get my house clean enough I may do a little home tour later on!

A reminder that my first weekly giveaway is active all this week - details on how to enter are in the giveaway post. Entries are open until midnight Friday, and I will announce the winner on Saturday. I have lots more fun giveaways planned, so if you miss out on this one, just check back next week.


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