Weekend Wants and a winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered, possibly some of you unwittingly, in my first giveaway. The winner of the navy blue corduroy Woolrich wrap skirt is Sonya Mann, whose comment on my giveaway post was selected by a random number generator. Sonya, email me at bonmarchecouture at gmail dot com with your mailing address, and I'll get it right out to you! I hope you enjoy it.

Sonya blogs at Fashion Fragile

After last week's Weekend Wants, I became obsessed with finding at least one full skirt to add to my wardrobe, and I'm happy to say I was successful. I found an awesome olive green knee-length skirt at my local Salvation Army for only a few bucks. It's in great condition, fits perfectly and for a bonus, it's machine-washable and has pockets. I couldn't be happier. So naturally I decided that my new skirt would be the first thing I wore when I went back to work after this mini vacation. And then I immediately became stumped, because I really don't have any olive green in my wardrobe, and I could NOT figure out what I would wear it with.

Enter Pinterest, where I went in search of inspiration. Here are some of the combos I came across that caught my eye.

My first thought was to take the easy way out and pair the skirt with black. I love the idea of doing a black-and-white checked shirt with it - maybe with a vest? But that seemed too ... safe. (Although this combo does look pretty sharp.) I think I will revisit this again in the summer when it will look more airy without tights.

I've always shied away from wearing pink with olive, but with the cream accents, I thought it looked really fresh and chic. This picture made me think about pairing a pink V neck sweater with my olive skirt and maroon tights. But then I got stumped on the shoes. Black seemed wrong, and brown seemed ... weird. So it's back to the drawing board.

This was actually my favorite color combo that I came across - lime, cream and olive. Unfortunately I don't really have anything lime green that would be suitable with this skirt. So what am I going to do? Well, check back Monday to find out - I'm not really sure myself right now.

You can see more of my inspiration photos, and past Weekend Wants pins, on my "want" board on Pinterest. See you tomorrow for a new giveaway!


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