Weekend wants: Full skirts

As part of my goals for 2014, I have been taking stock of my wardrobe and trying to sort out what's needed and what can go. One of the things I realized is that I hardly ever wear skirts and, when I do, I usually have trouble putting the outfit together. What I really want right now are more full skirts - of which I have, basically, none.

This red flared skirt is basically perfect - I really have a hard time wearing anything much shorter, or longer than just below the knee. How is it that I don't already have a red skirt?

I love the idea of a really full black tulle skirt - although to be honest, looking at this one, I don't know if I could pull off something quite this full for everyday wear. But it's pretty, anyway.

There's nothing like a good flounce. I saw a ton of flounced skirts on Pinterest that were fitted through the hips, and that is just not a look that works for me. But a semi-full skirt with a full flounce? Yes. I had a great skirt like that in my shop last year that I desperately wished would have fit me, but it was just too big.

That being said, I love this graphic stripe skirt and am trying to pretend that I could pull it off. Somehow.


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