A tribute to a friend

 Apologies for the late post today; I went home early from work because I was feeling so lousy. I feel a bit better after a blissful hourlong nap, but I'm still pretty miserable.

Today at work we had a going-away party for my friend David. He is known, among other things, for his impeccable sense of style, so the people putting together his party asked that we all dress in suit jackets and ties to pay our respects to him. I love a good style challenge, so I went all-out, even down to the argyle socks.

I have always felt a kinship with David, not only because of his sense of black humor in the face of what is often total absurdity in our workplace, but also because he managed to look better dressed than most everyone in the building, while also probably spending less on his whole wardrobe than some people spend on just one outfit. He always managed to look perfectly professional and well put-together, while never looking boring — something I aspire to. He is also well known for being meticulous about his clothing. You will never see him in anything the least bit wrinkled or rumpled. I'm the polar opposite of that — I'm always pulling clothes out of some jumbled pile. So I really admire the care he takes with his appearance.

I will miss David a lot, but I am happy for him that he's moving on to a challenging position with another company.

Navy corduroy blazer: JC Penney
Blue tie (borrowed from my husband): Polo, thrifted
Chocolate cardigan: ModCloth
Oxford stripe button-down: Gap, clothing swap
Skinny khaki trousers: a.n.a., thrifted
Blue argyle socks: Gift
Tan lace-up oxfords: Hush Puppies, vintage, for sale in my shop

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  1. Oh, Oh, oh! I love a lady in a tie and you pull this off so well. What a fun way to pay tribute to someone too.

  2. Replies
    1. You know it - who else? He took a job in Sidney - Feb. 14 is his last day at the Star. :(


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