Easter mini-collection

I am really excited to announce the launch of my Easter mini collection for babies and little girls! It's filled with wonderful dresses for spring and summer.

Posey dress | $14

Betsy dress | sold!

Beatrice dress | $21
Each of them is special in some way — a little detail that caught my eye, or a wonderful print or fabric — but most are also appropriate for everyday wear, and all are affordably priced (most are under $20).

Suzie dress | $8

Katie dress | $8
I will be adding a few more items to the collection in the coming months, including an adorable seashell-print swimsuit and a couple of fun little rompers, but I wanted to get these sweet dresses out there now. It's so nice to start thinking about spring!

Cynthia dress | $16

Emma dress | sold!

June dress | sold!

If you see anything here (or in my shop in general) that you would like to reserve, just email me and I can set up a custom order for you.


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