Fashion Challenge: Tulip print dress

So, I'm kind of an idiot, because this dress (which is sleeveless) would actually have made a perfect base for next week's Work It Wednesdays challenge, which is to make a summer dress look winter-appropriate. Oh well.

This was one of those dresses that I fell in love with, bought and wore just about every week, and then sort of forgot about. I do that way too often because, let's face it, something else shiny catches my attention and distracts me. That's part of what these weekly wardrobe challenges are all about; making sure I don't fall into a rut and neglect some of the great pieces that are languishing in my closet.

Sorry for the out-of-focus picture, but I wanted to show off my super ghetto red flats. I bought these at a bag sale for like 11 cents because, hey, red flats. I just hope that no one looks at them too closely because they're literally falling apart. This is how I roll, people.

If it looks like I'm falling over slightly in this photo, it's because I am. Also there is a toddler running full-tilt at me just out of frame.

Faux pearl necklace: Gift
Indigo wool pullover: Vintage, thrifted
Tulip print shift dress: Vintage, thrifted
Navy tights: ?
Red flats: Bag sale
Total cost to me: Less than $10!


  1. I can imagine the out-of-frame toddler, haha =) I love this tulip pattern! And shoes are always best right before they fall apart.


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