No-Toddler Tuesday :(

Today's Toddler Tuesdays post was canceled on account of extreme crankiness. I'll give it another shot on Thursday.

Today I'm featuring my second fashion challenge item for this week; this pair of navy patent loafers. I will definitely be wearing these a lot more come spring — they are cute and comfortable, and I feel like the pointed toe and bow makes them a bit more feminine than my other (cough) two pairs of loafers (not counting moccasins ...), which I like.

This top is, quite frankly, a size too large for me, so I really have to wear a sweater or blazer over it — which isn't a problem, considering my office is always freezing (always, even in summer). I wasted a bunch of time searching high and low for my navy linen blazer, but wound up pairing it with this gray open-front cardigan instead.

A reminder that tomorrow I'll be doing my first Work It Wednesdays linkup. This week's challenge is to style a summer dress in a way that's winter-appropriate. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with! You'll be able to post your photos right here, whether or not you have a blog of your own. And if you want to share your look on Twitter or Instagram, you can use the #workitwednesdays tag. And if you're not into this week's challenge, check back this weekend for a brand new one for next week. I'm also taking suggestions, so if you have a great challenge that you want to share, email me at bonmarchecouture at gmail dot com!

Gray open-front cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft, free (clothing swap)
Red + blue print top: New York & Co., bag sale
Red skinny chinos: TJ Maxx / thrifted
Navy patent loafers: Unisa, gift
Total cost to me: Less than $10!


  1. Aw, I miss your little one! I hope the extreme crankiness passes soon, for your sake as well =P Idea for a future #WorkItWednesday (lookit me hashtagging already): color combos that have historically been fashion no no's, like black and brown, navy and black, red and pink, etc.

  2. Ha ha, I'm sure she will be back to her sweet self soon enough. I love the idea of playing with "taboo" color combos! Maybe we can do red + pink for next week ...

  3. I like the way the red becomes a neutral with that printed top.

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean - I thought of these pants as kind of a novelty when I bought them, but thy have turned into a staple of my wardrobe.


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