Not myself

I stayed home from work this morning to do a few errands and chores, and it's bizarre how much it's throwing me off to deviate from my usual routine.

This outfit features my first challenge item for the week — my pink oxford-cloth shirt. And honestly, this skirt is like a challenge item too, because I very rarely wear it.

I could try to convince you that this outfit was not at all influenced by a story I read online a few weeks ago saying that the "Clueless" look of the 90s was coming back into fashion. But to be honest, I probably was influenced by it, if only subconsciously.

This type of preppy look isn't really "me," but sometimes it's fun to dress up in a different style. And at least I don't feel too masculine in my button-down shirt!

Pink oxford shirt: Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Monogram necklace: Gift
Black vest: Thrifted
White belt: Vintage, thrifted
Pink tartan skirt: Ann Taylor Loft, gift
Gray tights
Black oxford pumps: Franco Sarto, thrifted

This week's giveaway features some cozy hand-knit accessories created by me! Check out this post for all the details.


  1. I *love* this outfit! Yes, it is fun to play around with an aesthetic :) I also get super thrown off if my routine is disrupted.

    1. Thanks! I was really tempted to throw in another accent color but I tried to be true to the "Clueless" style. :)


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