Snow day roundup

Not stuck at home, but stuck at work today — the roads are so nasty that I'm skipping my usual trek home for lunch to walk the dogs and snap outfit pics. So here's a little roundup from the interwebs instead.

Treasury by 48valentine

Super stoked to have my Op Art print skirt included in this Wes Anderson tribute treasury! Confession time: I haven't seen a new movie in, like, three years (not even kidding). But back when I had a life, I used to like his stuff. What's your favorite Wes Anderson film? Or do you think he's a pretentious wanker?

(c) Cloud House Studio
I have been bitten by the knitting bug again and can't stop thinking about knitting this cowl. Do you think I could manage it in the dark? I think I am going to try. (And, yes, I know, I'm supposed to be finishing my works-in-progress! But I just can't resist ...)

DIY succulent planter from Brookfield Life
I have one teeny tiny houseplant right now: a cute little mimic plant. But I want MORE SUCCULENTS! I am really dying to try putting together a big combination planter like this one. Never mind that I have no idea where I would put it ... I know these plants are super Pinterest-trendy but I don't care, I really can't get enough of succulents. My husband planted a ton of succulents on a stump at our old house and I miss them all so much, it's ridiculous.

OK, now the word "succulent" has lost all meaning. Succulent succulent succulent. Don't you hate it when that happens?

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