Sunday giveaway + fashion challenge(s)

Giveaway: Handknit scarf and mitts

For this week's giveaway, I'm offering a pair of accessories knitted by yours truly.

This bandana scarf and fingerless mitts are knit from Araucania Ranco Multy fingering weight wool/nylon blend in a purple and blue colorway. The colors are a really beautiful, flowing palette that goes from dark indigo to periwinkle, with some touches of pale pink.

The scarf is Ella by Wendy Wonnacutt, a highly textured triangular shawl with a lace motif that reminds me of scarabs. You can see my project page on Ravelry here, which also has some more pictures. I knitted the small version of this pattern, which is more of a kerchief than a shawl, as you can see from these pics

The mitts are Spirogyra by Lynn Vogel, a simple fingerless glove pattern with no shaping, worked in a slanting shell lace pattern. These are the "long" version, which means they reach about midway up the forearm — long enough to tuck into your sleeves or to just keep your wrists nice and warm.

Since these were knitted by me, they are far from perfect. The bound-off edge of the mitts is tight, so these will fit best on someone with small, narrow hands. The same can be said of the shawl, which tends to curl at the edges. And I've worn each of these a few times, so there's some haloing of the yarn, and the occasional loose end peeking out — full disclosure here!

Nevertheless, if purple is your color and you'd like some pretty new things to keep you warm as we head into spring, please see the information below for how to enter! This giveaway will be open all week, until midnight Friday, Feb. 28. The winner will be announced right here on Saturday. Multiple entries are welcome, and international readers can enter too.

To enter (social media links are in left sidebar): 

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Weekly Fashion Challenge

For this week's fashion challenge, I'm trying to give myself a break from dresses and skirts — I miss wearing pants! So I tried to pick some items that will lend themselves to that.

That being said, the first item here is a plaid skirt. I've had this brown and blue skirt for several years and have struggled with wearing it because it was a bit too large in the waist. However I don't think that is the case anymore :P So I'm going to give it another shot. I love a good bias-cut plaid and I'm already scheming about how to best bring out the blue in this pattern.

Next up are some navy blue patent loafers my husband gave me last year. I love loafers and I love blue, so this one should be a cinch.

And finally, another gift from my husband: an oxford cloth button-down in baby pink. I really struggle with button-down shirts; I always feel very boyish or butch when I wear them, which is not my preferred style. So I'm going to see if I can femme it up this time.

Work It Wednesdays challenge

Speaking of challenges, a reminder that I'll be doing my first Work It Wednesdays linkup this week. Feel free to join in with your answer to the challenge, "Make a summer dress winter-appropriate."


  1. Love those shiny shoes! And I would definitely like that scarf and gloves :D

  2. LOVE these gloves!!! I don't have twitter or instagram, but I am off to do the rest! Thanks for the chance! :)

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