Toddler Tuesdays: Cranky pants

Rough, rough night last night for me and my girl, as in, no one got much sleep. So the following can be put under the heading of "not my best work."

She unlatched herself from me for long enough to pose for this picture, but would NOT leave my side to let me get my own solo shot. So it goes.


After I saw these shots, I went home and changed my shoes, because I hate how these booties looked with these pants. Otherwise, though, I'm reasonably satisfied with today's round of the weekly Fashion Challenge, although it is still a little on the boring side. There just wasn't much I could do to make gray trousers exciting.

Orange cropped cardigan: Worthington, thrifted
White polka-dot top: Vintage, thrifted
Gray wide-leg trousers: Worthington (JC Penney)
Gray suede booties: Mystery brand, thrifted

Don't forget about this week's giveaway! There is still lots of time to enter and plenty of ways to do it. Check out this post for all the relevant details. 


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