Can't Win

Today is just one of those "wrong side of the bed" days. Literally; I fell asleep in a really awkward position at the very edge of the bed where the mattress is super thin/squished, and woke up feeling like someone had taken a sledgehammer to my knee.

All the photos I took today came out wrong. Here's my series of attempts to get a good, full-body shot:

First I cut off my feet.

Then I got photobombed by my cat.

I appear to be dancing a jig of some kind in this one.

And this is me checking my imaginary watch during the Rapture, apparently.

See that necklace that I'm wearing? No? Right, this blazer renders it pretty much invisible. But I paid THREE WHOLE DOLLARS for this blazer, dammit, and I am going to sincerely try to make it work.

Anyway, enough of my crabbiness; a reminder that my Work It Wednesdays linkup (which is working now, yay!) is active through Friday if you want to share your best print-mixing photos. Everyone who submits a link will receive an exclusive coupon for my Etsy shop.

Blue cotton blazer: i.e., Thrifted
Coral necklace: Gift
Navy blue dress: Gap Maternity (ssh, don't tell!)
Brown sparkly leggings: Old Navy, thrifted
Brown T-strap pumps: Bongo
Total cost to me: About $35 (mostly the shoes)


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! I love the cat photobomb. Jig or no jig you look great!


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